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“Not only high quality products, but also training and services related to the scientific nature of dentistry.”

iRES® organizes and promotes a wide range of educational and scientific services related to training and research for both first steps in dentistry as well as professors and lecturers.

The iRES® Education Center offers both university studies and training in maxillofacial surgery for beginners and advanced, as well as cultural evenings. iRES® provides management and coordination of these activities through the publication of scientific papers in most scientific journals.

Currently, iRES® focuses on developing e-learning multimedia channels as part of the iRES® Continuing Education program.

Professor Massimo Simion is the chairman of the Board of the International Scientific iRES®, which not only conducts research and innovations in products, but also oversees all the scientific activities of the Continuous Education Center iRES®.

iRES in Poland cooperates with the National Association of Prostate and Dental Implant Prosthetics EDI OSIS. Thanks to this cooperation, Polish implantologists take a direct part in the research on the development of implants, on the other hand, they get access to the latest technologies and implantological products as well as current research results.

IRES medical consultants

The international iRES expert team is actively involved in researching new iRE products and is undertaking educational activities. IRES experts also provide educational help to our patients. The group of experts includes dentists and scientists from around the world with many years of experience in the field of implantology and dental surgery. Within them, we also find well-known and respected experts from Poland in the person of prof. Andrzej Wojtowicz (President of EDI-OSIS) and dr med. Krzysztof Awiłło.