Bioactive Hybrid Implants

Bioactive Hybrid Implants with Hyaluronic Acid coating are the most technologically advanced dental Implants applying the two concepts: long term safety of the machined topography at the implant top portion and double covalent layer of regenerative hyaluronic acid.

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The role of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid stimulates releasing of growth factors in the bone around coated implants which faster makes more new bone growing on the implant surface.

Benefits from Bioactive Hybrid Implants

Bioactive Hybrid Implants enables desired effects of:

  • Faster healing

Hyaluronic coating activates the cells which form a new bone around and on the implant in a shorter period of time, especially in the beginning after implant placement.

  • Better stability and better integration

Bioactive Implants with Hyaluronic Coating can be made on the hybrid implant Surface where rough surface at the implant lower half may further increase bone growth and the upper part with machined surface prevents bacterial biofilm formation. All these factors together make better prognosis for a long term implant stability and durability.

  • Prevention of Peri-implantitis

Peri-implantitis is the progressive bone loss around exposed implants and is the major problem of dental implantology today. Peri-implantitis is caused by accumulation of a big number of bacteria on the exposed rough implant surface where the bacteria create aggressive biofilm. The number of bacteria is much smaller if the exposed implant surface is not rough but machined and therefore Hybrid Implants prevent peri-implantitis.

  • Longevity

Combination of machined Surface on Hybrid Implants with Hyaluronic Acid coating gives a good prognosis for a long term stability of bone around the Hybrid Implants and therefore long term durability of the benefits of implant treatment.

First in the World

IRES BIOACTIVE HYBRID IMPLANTS are the only implants that combine both rough and machined Surface covered with the layer of covalently bound bioactive Hyaluronic Acid. This unique technology has so far been restricted to IRES implants only.

Also for SMOKERS and other RISK PATIENTS

Smoking slows down healing of the implants and increases the risk of bone loss around implants. This further increases the risk of biofilm formation and progressive bone loss leading to implant loss. Same risks are high for implant patients with diabetes and osteoporosis. Therefore BIOACTIVE HYBRID IMPLANTS are especially indicated for these patients as Hyaluronic Acid increases bone growth in the early healing phase and the machined surface of the hybrid implant prevents peri-implant bone loss for many years ahead.

Make an appointment with our clinic so that we can introduce you to the services we offer.